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SmartSPV – A better Simplified Payment Verification for Smartphones

NimbleCoin is a new cryptocurrency I’ll be hopefully launching soon. One of its nice features is that it uses the FastBlock5 protocol (a 5 seconds block interval) to achieve near instant payments. Because NimbleCoin also implements merged mining, each block header can be as large as 700 bytes (including Merkle branch and coinbase transaction). Yesterday […]

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AppeCoin Anonymous Cryptocurrency Draft

Two years ago I posted¬† about a proposal of to create an anonymous cryptocurrency. This was much time before the ZeroCoin and ZeroCash protocols were proposed. I had moral concerns regarding the idea of an anonymous payment protocol: why such protocol would be needed and who would benefit from the protocol. Adam Back and Gregory […]

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The Private Automatic Miner Backbone Protocol (PAMBA)

The need for direct connection between the main miner pools or solo-miners (which is often called the miner backbone), was discussed several times in the forums and in this blog during the last two years.¬† A miner backbone provides not only benefits to the network as a whole, but benefits for those miners that establish […]

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Reawaken interest in Chain-Archeology

These days I saw some reawaken interest in searching for patterns in early mined blocks by Taras. Well, last month media circus around Dorian Satoshi may have contributed. I welcome Taras to the chain-archeology field, and I hope he does it responsibly. While reading his posts I remembered two chain-archeology techniques [1] that I planned […]


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The people behind Bitcoin

A personal story Three years ago I was introduced to Bitcoin by a friend, and I was immediately fascinated by the protocol design. But since I’m a computer scientist and I was passionate for cryptography and security, the first thing I did was try to break Bitcoin. But the quality of source code was quite […]


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