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July 2009 Mystery Solved

A year ago I analyzed a mining pattern that suggested a correlation between Satoshi computer and another computer mining at the same time. This relation had been highlighted to me by a another user in the forums (I don’t remember who) . From this correlation I conjectured that the same computer was mining both patterns […]

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How you will not uncover Satoshi

Computer forensics is the science of finding evidence in computers and digital documents, and when a hacker perform forensics, better be prepared for the unknown. Satoshi did many things in order to try to stay anonymous: he used Tor, he used anonymous e-mail servers, he did not disclose personal information in posts and probably he […]

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Theoretical and Practical Nonoutsourceable Puzzles

The fact that has reached twice 51% of the Bitcoin hashing power this year has pushed scientist and alt-coin creators to find for other proof-of-work puzzles that discourage mining coalitions. Several months ago I read the foundations of Nonoutsourceable Puzzles as proposed by Andrew Miller, and now his paper (working with Elaine Shi, Jonathan […]

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Deterministic Signatures, Subliminal channels and Hardware wallets

A subliminal channel in a signature scheme allows a signing party to send a covert message to an authorized receiver of signed messages without anyone else noticing it. One property of ECDSA, DSA and many similar digital signature schemes (such as Schnorr) is that they need to produce, for each signature generation, a fresh random […]

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