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Blockpad: Improved Proof-of-work function with decentralization incentives

A few posts ago I presented BlockPow, an example of a proof of work function that practically reduces the incentives for users to join mining pools. The shorter the block interval, the best it works. Let’s first summarize the idea behind BlockPow:¬† if a miner tries to join a pool, then he incur in overhead […]

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Preventing Geographical Centralization of Cryptocurrency Mining with the LIMIO protocol

There has been much discussion recently about how to prevent mining pools. There are theoretical and practical¬†approaches. Nevertheless preventing mining pools is not the same as preventing geographical centralization. Mining pools incentives are: Reduce payoff variance. Reduce resource usage. Normally Bitcoin node would require more resources (memory,disk, bandwidth) than a pooled miner. Reduce exposition to […]

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Preview of Identiva PassKey: vote for us for the Cisco IoT Challenge

A friend of mine and me have developed a new technology and device that we think can be a game changer in web authentication. I’d like you take a look and vote for as for the Cisco IoT Challenge (you must register first to vote….#?@!) We’re launching a new company (Identiva Security) to develop the […]

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