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MAVEPAY: a new lightweight payment scheme for peer to peer currency networks

As I promised, I’m publishing the preliminary paper on how to apply MAVE-3 to P2P cryptocurrency. I spent some time re-thinking everything and meanwhile (at 2 a.m.) I designed a new one-time digital signature algorithm with 1600 byte signatures, and 80 bit public keys, that is faster than RSA.¬† Better than Lamport’s but probably not […]

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MAVE: Digital Signature Protocol for Massive bulk verifications

Some time have passed since my last post, mainly because I was working on two papers. One is MAVE (Digital Signature Protocol for Massive bulk verifications) and the other is HBOW (an application of MAVE to peer-to-peer currencies). What is special in MAVE is that it does not use classical digital signature algorithms¬† (e.g. asymmetric)¬† […]

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