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Safe merged-mining and the Bitcoin’s Karma

In this post I will depart shortly from my classical technical viewpoint and enter the quicksands of opinions. But I’ll come back, don’t worry. The idea of the proof-of-work powered block-chain, while powerful, has lead us to a situation where many people sees Bitcoin mining as a wasteful and vicious activity. Articles against Bitcoin mining […]

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25-second irreversible confirmations for instant payments

Recently there has been a race towards lower block intervals for PoW block-chain based  cryptocurrencies. First there was Bitcoin with a 10 minute interval, then was LiteCoin using a 2.5 interval, then was DogeCoin with 1 minute, and then QuarkCoin with just 30 seconds. This reminds me a joke in a comedy movie where there […]

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Changes in Ethereum scripting language

Today I read that Ethereum is abandoning a crypto-rich instruction set in favor of a reduced generic instruction set. This shocked me, because I liked Ethereum instruction set design just as it was. The main argument given by VButerin is that this change makes the instruction set  more compatible with future cryptographic algorithms, by preferring […]

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