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The Roads to Innovation in Cryptocurrencies

Once upon a time there was Bitcoin and nothing else. History was being written by Satoshi and a few illuminated minds that posted the most interesting ideas in the Bitcointalk forums and IRC channels. Almost every cryptocurrency idea I’ve heard of had a seed in some of these heated online discussions. During 2009 improving every […]

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AppeCoin Anonymous Cryptocurrency Draft

Two years ago I posted  about a proposal of to create an anonymous cryptocurrency. This was much time before the ZeroCoin and ZeroCash protocols were proposed. I had moral concerns regarding the idea of an anonymous payment protocol: why such protocol would be needed and who would benefit from the protocol. Adam Back and Gregory […]

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Safe merged-mining and the Bitcoin’s Karma

In this post I will depart shortly from my classical technical viewpoint and enter the quicksands of opinions. But I’ll come back, don’t worry. The idea of the proof-of-work powered block-chain, while powerful, has lead us to a situation where many people sees Bitcoin mining as a wasteful and vicious activity. Articles against Bitcoin mining […]

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P2PTradeX, back from the future

Almost one year ago I described in the Bitcoin technical forums a new P2P virtual coin trading protocol (so called P2PTradeX) I had implemented for an alternate cryptocoin, mostly as a proof of concept. The idea got some attention, but nobody really needed that stuff. It was before it’s time. Yesterday I was at Bitcoin […]

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